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Everyone is given a gift or purpose in life.  This is the story of how I tuned into a true calling… My_Nicole_Marie_Nicole_Stirzinger

Going through that horrible D word, several years ago, that the light bulb came on… “Damn I’m good looking.”  I had gotten so caught up in parenting, working full time, arranging playdates and just your everyday life.  Then and there I made the conscious decision that I was going to do something… ONE thing… for ME!  Talking myself out of this was easy.  I used every excuse in the book to put off taking photographs.  I didn’t have the time, I hadn’t lost enough weight or wasn’t in the shape that I wanted to be in, the grass needed to be mowed, there’s a dust bunny on the vent in the hallways and oh look there is another one on the fan in the dinning room… Get my point?

Finally one morning I woke up and said this is the day! I called a dear photographer friend and said “shoot me!”  And she did… through the body of her camera.  The experience was one of the most liberating, sensual and ego boosting one ever!  The feeling of cloud nine does not even give it justice.  We laughed… we giggled… A LOT… and I cried.  I felt desirable and sexy.

Every woman should have this feeling!  We all need this feeling!  As each and every one of us is beautiful in our own different ways. My deepest desire is to let this pent up emotion out of the locked recesses of our minds and come into a beautiful new light.  I want to share with you that liberating feeling that I felt.  I also believe in the importance of admiring our bodies, feelings, personality and desires through photography.  Only through a visual narrative behind the camera can this come to pass.  It’s empowering to the mind, body and most importantly the soul.

Besides being on an adventure of a lifetime, reminding myself to enjoy every cherished moment that comes across my path; I spend those few spare split seconds cuddling with two remarkable “stinky boys”, wondering the country side with a GPS hunting for hidden geocaches and live for experiencing foreign lands and new cultures.

I leave you with a favorite quote of mine that is perfect reading for this moment:

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